Tips for Taking Care of Epson Printers to Endure

Those of you who use printers as supporting your daily needs are certainly familiar with Epson printers developed by Seiko Epson Corporation’s company. Such companies are moving on the fields of precision products and electronic devices.

This company founded in 1942 based in Nagano Japan has unleashed many of its products ranging from projectors, mainboards, cartridges, scanners, printers and many more computer devices.

For its printer devices, Epson also brings out high-quality products capable of competing with other well-known brands. However even though the Epson printer has good quality, it doesn’t mean it will be fine without maintenance. The reason is as good as anything that if it’s not treated will be easily damaged.

Some of you may have some who didn’t take care of it instead for fear of damaging it. Therefore, let’s check out some tips on maintaining a good and correct Epson printer to last for years:

Taking Care of Epson Printers

Tips for Taking Care of Epson Printers to Endure

1. Regular use

The easiest way to care for the printer is to use it. Therefore, try to use your printer regularly, or if possible, use it daily even if it is only a single print. By you use on a regular basis, it will instead help the ink flow on the Epson printer stay well awake so that it is able to wet the nozzle as an ink outlet. But if very rarely used, treat your printer by performing a one-week printer test only.

2. Turn off the printer when not in use

A small thing that some people sometimes neglect is turning off the printer after using. To maintain printer performance, turn off the Epson printer by pressing the Power (on/off) button. Avoid turning off printer in a direct plug the power cord. The correct step is to press the off button then unplug the power cable. Because when that Power button is pressed, it will be automatic before off the printer it will perform head cleaning, or commonly called head cleaning.

3. Clean the printer regularly

Keep the Epson printer clean by regularly cleaning it to maintain printer performance. Clean the printer for a minimum of one week 2 times, and apply a protective covering or cover of a cloth to keep your printer away from dust.

4. Refill ink

If ink is already runs out, immediately replace or refill your Epson printer ink. avoid ink filling when the ink in the printer is completely discharged, as it will make your printer easy to error. Also read: Best printer price list

Note also replacement on the cartridge part so as not to be touched directly with bare hands, as the part is very sensitive. To make your printer durable and durable, just use a smooth tissue.

5. Use ink fill as recommended

For refillable Epson printer ink, for maximum results, use refill ink in accordance with those device recommendations.


Other than based for the maintenance of Epson printers above, make sure you use the printer according to its capabilities and capacity. Do not use printers on a large scale if your printer does not have qualified specifications.

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