This Superior Heat-Free Technology and PaperLab on Epson Printers

Epson announced a ‘Be cool’ campaign to use sustainable new printers while commemorating the Earth Day of the world.

Epson sees one of the most significant side effects of increased production output from various industries as a towards an environment that uses large resources and leaves a carbon footprint.

The campaign was carried out to remind customers that efficiency and productivity can be maximized in a unified with less impact on the environment.

The campaign was backed up with a series of Epson Business EcoTank and Inkjet printers that use ‘Heat-Free Technology’ or ‘Heat Free Technology’ that delivers advanced benefits compared to laser and thermal inkjet technologies.

Superior Heat-Free Technology

This Superior Heat-Free Technology and PaperLab on Epson Printers

The printer series is also equipped with an office paper manufacturing system with the world’s first drying process that is, PaperLab.

Tan May Lin (Regional Director of Epson Sales Division, Retail Products, and Regional Brand & Communications) says Epson wants to demonstrate how Epson Heat Free Technology and PaperLab can transform the way business works by helping to increase productivity, while saving energy consumption and resource usage.

“By switching to our products, diverse businesses can take an active role to promote eco-friendly and itinerant businesses across Southeast Asia,” he said.

‘Be Cool’ presents three product lines that will highlight how eco-friendly features can help shorten the process by significant and deliverable a competitive edge for business.

‘Heat-Free Technology’ offers Epson Heat Free technology that ensures that EcoTank and Business Inkjet printers do not use heat in the ink discharge process, which means less power consumption and more power cost savings.

That native technology keeps printers from requiring heat that enables saving you time with consistent high-speed printing. Because Inkjet printers don’t have fuses that require heating that consume less energy and thus save costs for business.

EcoTank and Business Inkjet also use fewer parts and disposable materials that require replacement, which will increase productivity and minimize user intervention.

To encourage eco-friendly technology by using Epson’s first office paper recycling system i.e., PaperLab. Supported with “Dry Fiber Technology” or Dry Fiber Technology, PaperLab can convert used paper into new paper, using near-dry, only processes 3 minutes. This process uses approximately 1/100 of the water required to create a regular paper mass, so businesses can save water while reducing the volume of paper that must be brought to the incinerator redo outside the office.

When data security is critical to your business, PaperLab provides absolute certainty to key confidential waste destroyed safely and effectively. By eliminating toner, ink and reducing paper waste become fiber. This means that information remains secure without the trouble of trusting an external contractor.

With PaperLab’s unique technology, water is stored and less heat is used, carbon footprint is reduced, and saves wood resources. Combined with Epson’s heat-free printing solution, PaperLab helps build a recycling circle in the office and promotes a circular economy for business.

Final Words

Putting synergy first between “Epson’s Heat-Free Technology” – Epson’s Heat-Free Technology or “Dry Fiber Technology” – Dry Fiber Technology that uses product productivity features, the “Be Cool” campaign presents how performance and sustainability can run at the same time and encourages businesses to meme and take a ling-friendly attitude with business solutions Epson offers.

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