Reasons Epson Printers Become Nearby Friends of Food & Drink Companies

For Nelly Co., making bakpao for friends and family is part of her daily life. In 1994, when her family was gathering as usual, Nelly noticed the faces she knew smiling, laughing, and talking while enjoying her cooking. Suddenly, an idea came up: what if he cooked it into a business?

Today, more than twenty years later, the same bakpao is enjoyed by thousands of Filiipina peoples, every day.

That’s the origin of Nelly Co’s home cooking has now materialized as Nathaniel’s. From its founding until now, Nathaniel’s grew into a food company with 14 service points and exported products to Japan and the United States. According to Nelly Co.’s eldest daughter, Faye Nerissa, who worked for the company as a director sales and marketing, the success of this company they never expected.

“A long time ago, the mother just wanted to have another source of income so that she could give her children a better life,” Faye said. “He never imagined his efforts to be this big.”

Despite the company’s rapid growth, Faye still calls it the “family business”. The designation that originally felt did not match the scale and popularity of the company, but it became reasonable after knowing more deeply about the story behind it. From product development and production to sales and marketing, all done by themselves by family of Co.

“Our customers already understand this,” Faye said. “That’s why they know that they will get products worth the price they pay, and that’s also why they always come back.”

Such was Nathaniel’s operation during this time, and this was worth maintaining because that was the distinctive feature that distinguished the company.

Epson Printers Become Nearby Friends of Food & Drink

Reasons Epson Printers Become Nearby Friends of Food & Drink Companies

By giving Nathaniel’s device to oversee the production of his own label, Epson’s C3510 printing press helped Nathaniel’s maintain a spirit of royal and familial cuttlefish. Having his own printing press means Nathaniel’s doesn’t have to meet the minimum number of orders that a third-party printing company demands. Nathaniel’s is free to print labels whenever necessary. Faye said, this saves time and costs, makes it easier to correct errors, and makes the company more able to control product launch times.

“Now, we no longer need to delay the product launch because we have to wait for label production. The effect on our sales is very good, because the product can be delivered as soon as it is ready,” he said. “Sales volume is also growing. Marketing is an important aspect to encourage prospective buyers to taste new products, and our new labels look cool.”

This is thanks to the C3510 printhead that uses Micro Piezo—a patent-proprietary system that uses mechanical pressure, not heat, to remove very small-sized ink droplets to form labels.

Triggered by piezoelectric elements in the printhead that work after obtaining electrical power, mechanical pressure ejects ink from thousands of fine holes on the printhead at 40,000 times per second. The result is a sharp, brightly colored label, and arguably opaque freckle-free. Its quality is able to outperform industrial printing machines.

“The printing machine also produces a label that is chemical-free and waterproof so that it is safe for our food products, explained Faye. For SMEs in the food industry, this aspect is extraordinarily important, and so is the size of the machine that is concise and affordable.

In fact, with Epson’s C3150 size, Nathaniel’s can easily lay the machine on its tiny production area without the need to add office space. That is, even a company can maintain its family approach while raising its printing standards.

Final Words

The C3150 of Epson brings the printing process to Nathaniel’s center. Through its high flexibility, quality, and reliability, it opens up a world full of new possibilities for the family.

“Our dream is to bring our products into the hands of non-Philippine consumers in the United States and Japan, two countries where we are already quite popular in the local Philippine community,” Faye said.

“And we knew that the only way to realize that dream was through marketing, packaging, and labeling that was even more interesting. We didn’t say that grabbing the market was an easy thing. But, seeing what we could do with the C3510 from Epson, we feel we have a chance to make that happen.”

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