Indonesia Becomes Epson Printer Production Base

The name Epson may sound not as popular as other printer manufacturers among personal consumers. However, products with such Japanese brands actually have a fairly strong market share in Indonesia especially in the middle class and commercial markets.

“For dot matrix printers we are number one with a market share of more than 95 percent. POS (point of sales) printers such as those used in cash registers, parking lots, bank passbooks, we are also number one with 70 market shares. Inkjet market shares are indeed around 28 percent,” said M Husni Nurdin, Deputy Country Manager of PT Epson Indonesia when introducing the latest ink tank system printer model or infusion system L800.

Epson Printer Production Base

Indonesia Becomes Epson Printer Production Base

It dares to claim Epson’s market capitalization value is the highest among other printer production in Indonesia. According to him, currently, none of the printer manufacturers have factories in Indonesia other than Epson. Epson’s factory in Cikarang, Husni said, is now employ about 15,000 employees.

“Only Epson has made Indonesia a production base. This year we are investing to increase production capacity from one million printers to two million printers per month,” he said. He said the Indonesian market only absorbs 2-3 percent, temporary is exported mostly to various countries.

Starting last year, Epson introduced printers that use system less ink or infusion system technology to meet market needs. According to Husni, since 2001, his party has indeed realized that Indonesian people tend to start many who need infusion system printers for economical reasons and do not refill ink too often.

The presence of original infusion system printers answers market demands while also guaranteeing quality considering many infusion printers that are the result of third-party engineering. The Epson L800 to be released to market from June 2011 is the third infusion system printer model introduced.

The L800 is a six-color infusion system printer that will be priced at $272 (not including tax). The printer specifically prints photos, unlike the previous two models released since October 2010, the L100 and L200, to print documents. So far all three are single-function printers, for printing purposes only only.

“The volume of L800 sales will probably not be too large like the L100 and L200. But, we expect that in the ink tank system, the L800 can strengthen the overall market share from 47 percent to 50 percent,” Husni said. According to him, mid- to high-end printers such as the L800 are the mainstay of the contribution of mid- to high-end products to Epson currently accounts for 80 percent.

Final Words

He said, currently all infusion system printer production has not been carried out in Indonesia. However, product design design has involved local resources so it is expected to meet the demands of the people in Indonesia. However, in the near future PT Epson Indonesia is also considering producing it in its homeland.

“We are trying to make next year the production of ink tank system printers can be done in Cikarang,” said Husni. One reason, Husni said, Epson Indonesia is considered successful in marketing such type of printers and will serve as a model for marketing in other countries in addition to competing resources and other economic factors.

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