Epson printer excellence 12 color photo specialist

Epson Indonesia introduced two 12-color photo printers, SureColor SC-P7530 for 24-inch print size and SureColor SC-P9530 for 44-inch print size.

That special 12-color photo printing machine is claimed to offer excellence among other detail images, a wide range of colors and high print speeds.

Printer excellence 12 color photo

Epson printer excellence 12 color photo specialist

“In addition to being usable for photo zoom in photo studios, SureColor SC-P7530/SC-P9530 is ideal for artists, photographers, the proofing industry and packaging, because they offer reliable image detail, wide color range and high print speed,” said Product Marketing Commercial Industry Manager Epson, Lina Mariani.

Lina added, the two presses come with the latest UltraChrome PRO12 ink that Epson developed with K3 technology.

There are dedicated channels for Photo Black and Matte Black, and include orange, green and purple colors, to provide color accurate impressive one.

In addition to being equipped with 12 colors, the printer also has the latest “printhead” technology, the PrecisionCore®™ MicroTFP® processor with 800 nozzles for every color, to results in accurate point placement and eliminates misprints.

That printer also combines high-speed production with quality thanks to the tTFP12’s 300dpi 12-channel resolution.

With a 2.6 times larger printhead size, printers can print 2.4 times faster compared to previous series.

Both are also capable of producing images with smooth gradations and accurate textures. SC-P7530/SCP9530 can print on media canvas, photo paper and other printed objects.

Final Words

Another advantage offered is ease of use thanks to the 4.3-inch LCD display to operate the printer, as well as ease of use care by users directly.

An additional device that can be pinned to this printer is an integrated harddisk with Adobe Postscript and SpectroProofer for faster and more accurate color measurements.

That printer requires only about 110 watts of electrical power.

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