Epson Present 3 Essential Products to Stay Productive From Home

Epson Indonesia offers product solutions for consumers to increase activity in business, work and remote learning.

Epson understands that it is not currently an easy condition for business operators, executive workers, and students to remain be productive in running activities and business remotely. Therefore, Epson Indonesia is present to provide solutions for Epson products that can help and answer the needs of its consumers.

The product Epson offered this time is an essential product that could be a solution to the needs of business operators, oak workers executive, as well as a student. Here are all three products that Epson recommends to use as needed with some excellence such as cost-effective both in resources and also parts and this product also includes sustainable products.

Essential Products to Stay Productive

Epson Present 3 Essential Products to Stay Productive From Home

1. Epson EcoTank Printer L15160

If you are a offenders and requiring bulk document printing, the Epson EcoTank L15160 is ideal for business-quality A3 printing with fast print speeds of 25ipm for both color and mono. The printer also uses the latest pigment ink which is DURABrite ET INK, delivering sharp, durable and waterproof print results.

This printer is designed for machining printing at lower cost and easy-to-care duplex scanning with the use of high yield ink bottles thus minimizing the frequency of replacement of wear-out materials.

In terms of connectivity, Epson The EcoTank L15160 offers wireless convenience with access to shared computers and easy and flexible mobile printing. This additional advantage of Wi-Fi Direct allows users to connect to eight devices to a printer without a router. Users can print from smart devices using the Epson Print application or print from anywhere using the Epson Connect cloud solution.

Epson EcoTank L15160 franched succinctly and can be customized into any office environment with ease. Offering continuous printing solutions for modern workplaces, the L15160 comes with Epson Heat-Free Technology — revolutionary Epson Heat-Free Technology, with this technology meaning Epson’s business inkjet printers use less power and consume less power silicate fewer CO2 emissions, thereby enabling businesses to save on power costs and reduce impact on the environment.

2. Epson WorkForce ES-60W Scanner

For some businesses, in the era of digital currently requires to digitize most documents to ensure data is not lost and can be stored properly. The solution Epson recommends to suit your streamlined, easy-to-carry-anywhere scanning needs is Epson’s WorkForce ES-60W, a small, concise, and lightweight scanner.

With your scanning process is already in use and intuitive, document retrieval and storage is becoming easier and faster. This A4 portable sheet fed scanner can be powered on only with a USB2.0 cable connected to the computer. With internal batteries, the ES-60W also allows users to scan while traveling without power sources. Users can reload with adaptor AC or while connected to a USB computer.

With Wi-Fi access capability, the hub can even connect to the ES-60W and perform scan operations with their mobile devices. For example this advantage makes it easy if an employee works from home and needs to scan documents, with an ES-60W that is easy to carry and use so that it can make it easier and speed up the process of scanning documents outside the office. Because streamlining work processes through document management is critical to the business, the presence of the ES-60W can help and address this with productivity and fast scan speeds of up to four seconds, making it a smart choice solution for business scanning needs.

3. EpiqVision EF-12 Projector

Today, the majority of businesses developed his need for a portable, easy-to-install, and convenient projector to use as a solution to sustain his business productivity. Epson offers the EpiqVision EF-12 projector that can be moved easily from one room to another, without the need to use a TV or layer, yet users still get a widescreen experience in a portable design.

EpiqVision Mini EF-12 users for the first time experience and enjoy the sound from YAMAHA in the Epson projector, with the ability to operate as a stand-alone smart speaker. With its portable design, quick setup, and easy-to-use features, the EpiqVision Mini EF-12 makes it the perfect docking device for work and play, allowing users to display presentation content with a b view enlarged and clear during the day and at night users could enjoy favorite movies or console games.

EpiqVision Mini EF-12 Epson offers a flexible projection solution that is care-free. Slim, streamlined projectors have also proven to be more economical over the long term, as their laser light source has a longer life cycle of up to 20,000 hours compared to lamp projectors, resulting in greater cost savings while also offering durable brightness and better color.

Final Words

How is it? How’s it going? Epson’s products certainly help you stay productive even if it’s just from home.

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