Epson Launching EcoTank Printer L-Series & SC-F130, This Is the Superior

PT Epson Indonesia launched its latest product, the EcoTank L-Series and SC-F130 printers. More or less there are 11 EcoTank L-Series printer models that launch on this day both from the entry series as well as 2 models for the business series.

“We believe that various EcoTank models will be the main drivers of sales in their respective markets to meet the needs of different users,” said Senior Manager of Consumer & Retail Development PT Epson Indonesia, Syahrizal Apriyanto, at the launch event held virtually.

EcoTank Printer L-Series & SC-F130

Epson Launching EcoTank Printer L-Series & SC-F130, This Is the Superior

As for some aspects that are outperformed i.e. economical aspects, increased speed, improved design side, improved printer use side with introduction of new applications, increased new model printers for the bisni segments, as well as the ecological benefits of the Epson EcoTank.

“First economical aspect, the EcoTank printer has high page printing capabilities so that users can get low operational costs and high print quality. We have improved the element across our various products,” he said.

Epson products are also powered by heat-free technology as well as can produce stable print speeds. Whereas in terms of product design, Epson made 2 major improvements. First, products present with grid texture as part of design elements in improved look and product nuance become more premium.

From a more practical point of view, for entry the model now allows the opening of the top and bottom covers to facilitate when paper jams occur. This feature is not available in its predecessor model.

“We also introduced a new application known as Epson Smart Panel, it functions as the LCD screen of your printer but is on your smartphone. You can make it an intuitive control center for printing, scanning and copying, and monitoring your printer easily through your phone,” he said.

Then for the business printer model in the L-Series which is the L-6460 L6490. The model comes with print speeds of up to 17 ipm for black and 9.5 ipm for color. The first page exit speed is only 7 seconds to print black.

“These two models are based on pigment ink that allows waterproof printing and does not wear off. In addition, they also have low electric power consumption due to heat-free technology,” he added.

Syahrizal said Epson strongly encourages sustainability or sustainability not only from how it works but down to products produced and brought to the market. With Epson’s policy to use more dicently it resources, its party seeks to increase the use of recycled materials, for both hardware and packaging devices.

“In a continuous effort Epson made smaller and lighter products, so it was able to increase efficiency in terms of transportation so that our container loading capacity grew by 16% of the model previously. From the efficiency of such transportation, it also indirectly reduces carbon emissions significantly,” he said.

In addition to launching the EcoTank L-Series printer, Epson also launched the SC-F130 printer. For your information, Epson has launched its first sublimation printer on 8 last year. while the SC-F130 is a sublimation printer the first A4.

“As the first A4 size sublimation printer used Epson sublimation ink, to print textiles and rigid surfaces, it has a color density level equivalent to the larger Epson sublimation. Printer has a high print capacity with a print target of 15,000 A4 sheets which is certainly higher than the modified printer,” said Senior Manager of Commercial & Industrial Business PT Epson Indonesia’s Lina Mariani.

This SC-F130 printer comes with a large ink capacity of 140 ml for each color. It aims to reduce the frequency of ink replacement as well as operational costs. Other feature features include WiFi, LCD monitor 2,4 inch which cannot be encountered on modified printers and front racks to facilitate paper stock setup.

“F-130 users can also find out the printer status easily through the Epson Cloud Solution Port that can be installed on your mobile device or pc and laptop. Through the production monitor, you can see from a distance printer information and status such as total ink usage, remaining ink, print information, and so on,” he added.

Final Words

The latest printers from Epson are both L-Series and SC-F130 already on the market, but still in transition. The price of these printers is in the range of IDR 1.8 million to IDR 6.5 million.

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