Epson Indonesia Strengthens Existence of Business and Business Segments

Epson Indonesia’s commitment to the business segment in particular B2B is increasingly proven through every innovation of its products. Epson brings new value to customers through its choice of inkjet (printer) solutions, visual communications (projectors), hardware and robots from precision and intelligent technologies that will reduce impact to the environment.

Epson is moving to expand focus and deepen its efforts to serve the growing growth of potential markets across multiple business segments. Epson will continue to present innovation to business customers that will deliver precision and performance, and expand the constraints of imagination.

Innovation through Projectors, Printers, and Robotics

Epson Indonesia Strengthens Existence of Business and Business Segments

1. Visual Communication for Business

Epson currently leads the projectors market in Indonesia and worldly, as well as successful market share by 33% or number 1 in Indonesia.

Based on Futuresource Consulting Limited, market projectors with lumens high level is expected to continue to grow by 125% up to 2020. By expanding the array of laser projectors with high brightness, Epson aims to meet the needs of various business segments across corporate, government and education sectors.

Movio’s latest smart glasses from Epson have launched, BT-350 and BT-2200, memberi experience refined to serve commercial and industrial markets. With enhanced durability and flexibility as fmain ocus, smart glasses are more compact and convenient to improve performance.

Movierio BT-350 reserved for commercial markets and used by users with the world’s first multi-unit docking station for easy multi-purpose management such as sightseeing spots. Whereas M smart head setoverio Pro BT-2200 is suitably applied to AR(Augmented Reality) industries and companies that need remote technical assistance.

2. Print Solution Inkjet Printers

Epson is currently becoming a imposter market in the inkjet printer market, with a 47% share in Indonesia. Printhead Micro Piezo technology innovation, is an Epson result innovation aimed at meeting the needs of different office segments from small businesses to large enterprises and to replace laser printers with inkjet.

WorkForce Ent series launch the latest prise, the WF-C20590, which is a printer built with PrecisionCore Linehead technology that can print at breakthrough print speeds of up to 100 pages per minute (ppm), one of the highest speeds in inkjet printing, recreating business printing in the office that can rival printer laser in terms of quality, durability, ease of service, and cost.

Epson also contributed to the drive of transformation analog to digital textile printing for large format printers in order to meet ever-increasing demand. In the digital textile printing industry, Smithers Pira estimated annual growth of print textiles at 17.5%, with an estimated annual average income growth of 12.3% for the year 2016 to 2021.

Through the entire innovation that existing, Epson is ready to meet needs in commercial, industrial printer markets for photo graphics, signage, textile printing and labeling among printing providers, retail stores and the like as well as continuing to grow throughout the Southeast Asian region.

3. Industrial Robotics

Epson leads globally high-precision SCARA robots that are housed in the manufacturing industry for a wide variety of applications. Going forward, Epson has envisioned the development of robots to see, feel, think and work like humans, and work together and support humans in various situations.

T3 robot series launch extends the comprehensive lineup of SCARA robots from Epson and offers a low total cost of ownership with 30% less power usage than conventional SCARA robots. Compact and versatile entry-level models ideal for simple pick-and-place applications such as assembly tasks, inspects and placement. Comes up with the option to combine with the Epson Vision System that can allow the robot to ‘see’, with a great image process system that reliably detects and places objects.

Final Words

Epson is one of the technology world leaders who already dedicated themselves to making innovation that facilitates employment. Its array of printer products is of great quality, as are the projectors and the robot industry.

Epson Indonesia has been in operation since last 2000 as a sales and marketing representative in Indonesia and spread across the country (24 major Indonesian cities). In fact, currently PT. Epson Indonesia has been able to expand to the remote corner Indonesia through the support of experienced distributors and dealer networks. PT Epson Indonesia markets products from SIDM (Dot Matrix) printers, Inkjet, Laser, LFP including its consumables, and other products such as scanners, and LCD projectors.

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